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About the Author

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Carrie is a life-long writer, exploring her passion for creative storytelling from a young age.  She grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attended East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas where she earned a BA in English. She currently lives with her husband and four children in the quaint Appalachian mountain town of Grassy Creek, North Carolina. When she's not writing or homeschooling, you can find her enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on the family farm. 
Carrie loves to write emotionally charged and gripping fiction; but above all she seeks to glorify God with her words, and always point her readers towards Jesus.

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The Viking: A Medieval Christian Fiction

Coming May 2024

Will the loyalty that saved their kingdom destroy their hearts?

As a girl, Astrid washed up on the shores of the Picts, haunting memories of her homeland locked deep inside. She began a new life serving Queen Cyrene, ultimately becoming her dearest friend and the captain of her army. But when Cyrene’s unexpected marriage unites her people with the enemy realm of Tràigh, only Astrid’s dedication to the crown can help her battle her mistrust of these rival forces, especially their maddening captain, Eowin.

Trusted as a brother, Eowin can imagine no life other than serving his king. As Tràigh struggles to hold its place amid tumult, a mysterious Viking warrior and his men sail in with a claim that will change everything. Sent to far lands on an impossible mission, Eowin finds his courage, integrity, and wisdom stretched to the limits.


The Huntress
A Medieval Christian Fiction

Available Now

The Huntress

Betrayed by their allies, the last of the Picts have escaped to the innermost part of an endless, dark forest, content to remain hidden there forever. Made queen at just a child, Cyrene has given all of her life and heart to the task of making sure her people are never terrorized again.


When a handsome stranger from the kingdom that betrayed them falls injured at the boundary of her village, she’s forced to choose between mercy and duty.


The second son of a ruling monarch, Duncan would never be considered for the throne, neither did he wish to be. But when a plague sweeps through the land, he is the only one of royal blood left standing. Returning to the tower that holds too many dark memories, the truth of his father’s tangled reign begins to unravel and Duncan is once again forced into a role he never wanted.

author carrie cotten gripping Christian


Released May. 2020

Carrie is proud to announce the release of her first published work, Dreamwalker.  
Dreamwalker is the exciting and gripping journey of Agent Andromeda Stone who must find the answers to her greatest challenge - who she really is, and what is her true purpose.

Dreamwalker is available in paperback, hardcover, audiobook and e-book formats.

author carrie cotten gripping Christian

Dark of Night
A Dreamwalker Novel

Book 2

Released March,2021

A normal life was the happy ending for Andy - former agent of the top secret government branch known only as "The Agency". She'd found hope for a new life, a new love, and a family she never knew she was missing. 

But when an old enemy resurfaces, determined to leave nothing in Andy's life untouched, Andy must once again leave safety behind and answer the call. 

Will her search for answers only lead to more questions, or has Andy finally met a villain who's power rivals her own?

A Dreamwalker Novel
Book 3

Released August 2022

A new day dawns and with it, seems to end the dream of Will and Andy's happy ending.

Once the queen of dreams, the only thing Andy Carter wants now is to escape the nightmare set in motion by a heartless ghost from her past.

And even if she can survive that trial, betrayal, secrets, and lies threaten to tear apart everything she and her husband Will have worked so hard to bind together.

In a last-ditch effort to salvage a mission they never intended to start, the Carters team up with old friends and new allies to bring down the most elusive criminal the world might ever know. But that endeavor shakes even the sturdiest of pillars when the villain of their final chapter just might be the last person Andy and Will ever imagined they'd have to fight.

Will they trust God to lead them through the darkness to the light? Is it finally time for the dreamwalker to awaken?



What They’re Saying About

The Dreamwalker Series

“I loved this book! I was apprehensive at first, as this genre of fiction isn’t something I’m usually interested in. But then I started reading it and could barely put it down! When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about the characters and how I needed to get back to them. I love how the Gospel was woven throughout the book. I loved the author’s gift of making the words come to life in my mind as a movie. I could totally see this story as a film! I can’t wait to read the next one, and the next one...”

Sheyna Widener

Dark of Night is not a book to miss! The suspense, action, relatable characters, horrifying villains, and unapologetic gospel truths throughout make this a book you cannot put down!

Andy Carter's faith, grit, and moxie are stretched to new limits in the third episode of Carrie Cotten's Dreamwalker saga. When everything she believed to be true turns hazy and the things about herself and her life that were always the most solid are nothing more than shifting sand, Andy has to dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further than ever before to stay true to the mission and her calling. When you think Carrie can't surprise you any more, Awaken brings more personal villains, more impossible situations, and more faith-growing conviction than you thought possible.

My heart overflows with a good theme;
I address my verse to the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1

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