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Welcome friends! Thank you for wanting to get the word out about my debut novel DREAMWALKER. I truly appreciate  your help - this is a journey I couldn't complete without you! 

This is where you'll find all the goodies such as images, links, and even an author bio to share with your friends & family on all your social media to help me launch DREAMWALKER.

You may ‘right click /save as’ any of the images on this page and freely share however you like. I have also included some suggested captions that you’re free to use—or you may make up your own. If you tag me, I’ll do my best to respond and/or re-share.


***If posting on Facebook, put the photo up first, THEN paste in the text (otherwise it will get replaced with the link image). For Instagram, you’ll want to delete the link. Adding the hashtags to your post helps readers find me, so please copy and paste those to the end :) Thank you!

Can't wait to read Dreamwalker, a Christian fiction novel by Carrie Cotten. Will Andy find her true purpose, will she discover who she's truly meant to be, will she even survive her newest mission? Can anything be real for a girl who can walk in dreams?

I'm on the launch team for Carrie Cotten's new novel, Dreamwalker!  Christian fiction with an edge? Yes, please! 

A Dreamwalking secret agent, cloak and dagger style action, intense and emotional characters... sounds intriguing. I have to get my hands on Dreamwalker, the new Christian fiction novel by Carrie Cotten

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Author Bio

Carrie is a recent transplant to the Appalachian mountains where she and her family are trying their hand at homesteading in the tranquil community of Grassy Creek, North Carolina. By day she is a farming, homeschooling mom of four and by night, a writer of intense, emotional and intriguing Christian fiction novels.

While she has been writing her whole life, Dreamwalker is her first complete and published novel. Her ultimate goal is to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ through her words. Her characters, though dealing with unbelievable situations experience real, raw, and believable faith.

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